Remembering August 14th, 1967 - On Saturday and Sunday, Shortwave Gold brings you the following documentaries:

- 30 years ago this weekend, Offshore Radio 1584 (The 1st licensed RSL offshore station) came on the air. A 3-hour-special presented by Andy Walker.

- "The Rusty Ships" produced by Dave Gillbee of Essex Radio. Another 3-hour-documentary.

“Please Don’t Take Them Away - The Story Of The Great British Pirate Era” - A 3-hours Stafford's World Special 

Offshore Radio 1584:

In the spring of 1992, the UK radio authorty issued a 28 day RSL license to the Caroline movement
to operate the worlds first legitimate offshore radio station, called Offshore Radio 1584.
Work started in July of 92 converting the former tyne ferry the 'Tyne Princess' now renamed the Galexy
into a floating radio station.
The event was to commemorate the 25th a anniversary of the passing of the MOA act of 1967.
The broadcasts were to take place between 13th August and 9th Sept off of Walton-on-the-Naze, off the Essex coast.
In conjunction with the first weekend a convention was held at the Naze Mariner, in Walton.

So if you were there and attended the convention and heard the station, these recoding's will bring back memories.
If you only heard it on AM or via the satellite station Euronet, or you missed all together, well here's a little bit of what happened.